Frequently asked questions

  • How is security guaranteed?

    All our solutions are technically raised to comply with the Spanish Security national System. 
    We care about the safety of our customers, and we work continuously on possible improvements to be increasingly safe.

  • What is the implantation procedure?

    • Consulting and analysis where the characteristics of the service, the agents involved, the delivery channels, the required levels of security and the quality policies and commitments, as well as control and monitoring systems will be determined.
    • Acquisition of hardware that meets the requirements to make the secure copy that guarantees the integrity and authenticity of the documents that are digitized.
    • Change management plan, which includes a communication plan and a training plan.
  • Is eGovernment reliable?

    Our solutions are integrated into a system that allow to certify and authenticate the identity and digital signature of the users.
    In addition, we work with Microsoft Azure cloud servers (located in Europe) that allow us to guarantee the authenticity, integrity, availability and inalterability of documents and files.

  • About the Integrations?

    All our solutions are technically designed to allow integration with other services or applications that have Web Services (REST). Therefore, we can integrate our solutions with third-party applications and suppliers.
    We want to facilitate that the Governments can work with different suppliers with full interoperability and thus facilitate the change towards a fully eGovernment.

  • Can the design be customized?

    Yes, we adapt the platforms to the corporate design of the entity (with the same colors, image, logo / shield ...). In this way the citizens can quickly identify with which Administration is interacting.

  • ¿eGovernment?

    Our mision is "To promote change to achieve an eGovernment". We want to help Governments in their adaptation to new technologies that allow a transformation in communication with citizens and optimize their administrative management.
    We like to say: eGovernment is easy, smart and fast!